A Beautiful Huntsville Wedding Venue Hampton Cove Wedding Plantation

Once you and your soulmate decide on marriage the joy is overwhelming. You know what else can be overwhelming? Searching, pinning, planning and comparing weddings. The journey to locate a completely trustworthy service can be daunting. You and your loved ones can move forward knowing you have found the Huntsville Wedding Venue.


The Plantation is comfortable, elegant, and affordable. Ready for more info?

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Bride at Hampton Cove Wedding Plantation
at Hampton Cove Wedding Plantation Cathy Gray Photography
Shady Grove Ceremony Site
at Hampton Cove Wedding Plantation Cathy Gray Photography
Reception Hall Barn `
at Hampton Cove Wedding Plantation Cathy Gray Photography
Reception Hall Decor
Sparkler Wedding Exit

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The Ceremony Kiss
Guest Book
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Photo guest book

Groomsmen Voting on the Kiss
Swing with Bride and Groom
Horse and Carriage at Hampton Cove Wedding Plantation
Sunset Photos at Hampton Cove Wedding Plantation
Bride Dancing
Wedding Reception Huntsville, Al
Huntsville Wedding Venue Hampton Cove Wedding Plantation

“Beautiful, professional, personal, friendly, Heather, her parents & everyone else are awesome….and go way beyond to make YOUR DAY the most wonderful day ever” Mother of the Bride, Caren 2019

“What a beautiful venue! They handled our crowd with ease!” Guest of a wedding 2019


“We love Hampton Cove Wedding Plantation! As wedding photographers, we have had the opportunity to work with Heather and Carla many times. These ladies are so helpful and encouraging! They’ll take such great care of you both before and on your wedding day. You’ll love your experience! There are tons of amazing portrait locations, and their bridal suite is beautiful!” <3 ~Joel and Amber Wedding Photography

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