4 Tips To Make Your Rainy Day Wedding Positively Amazing

When planning an outside wedding, weather is a major factor. With North Alabama hitting a variety of elements. Such as, our hot/humid summers, cold winters, mild spring and fall.  We have pop up showers and unpredictable weather very regularly here. Few people actually want a rainy wedding so a rain forecast takes the cake on game changer.

Tip 1: Think about and take action to plan a Back-Up Plan!

The brides that say “Oh, it is not going to rain on my day so we don’t even need to talk about that” are the ones stressing the week of their wedding when they see the forecast. Decide if your venue has a “Plan B” site that works for you BEFORE booking it! If the entire reception has to be moved around to have the wedding indoors that is a lot of work but doable. Find out who is responsible for moving your complete reception around and when that call has to be made. With a plan like that, it is not something that can be done the hour before your ceremony begins.

Brides of Hampton Cove Wedding Plantation rest easy knowing our Plan B site, The Hay Barn, is ready to go at a moment’s notice. Very few changes are made, some décor is moved and boom you are getting married in the rain, and NOT getting rained on! The Hay Barn is a beautiful structure that has a white washed backdrop, wooden arbor and stage. The lights adorn the rafters are string lights and the sides can be closed in to protect you and the guests from the elements.


Image of Hay Barn by April Stanley Photography

Tip 2: This once in a lifetime moment.. enjoy every second of it AND get rain props!! Like matching or clear umbrellas. You could even get his and hers rain boots or wear your cowboy boots!

Bring a backup pair of shoes just in case on any wedding day- rain or shine. Sometimes you just can not wear those heals any longer!

Beautiful image created on a down-pour kind of day. April Stanley Photography

Tip 3: Trust your vendors. You choose and hired these businesses to support you on this special occasion. Don’t doubt them now. Some of the best images can be captured on these rainy days! You are getting married who cares if the sun is not out!!!

Cindy Shaver Photography captured this stellar shot! See the Raindrops in the background!

And sometimes you can predict it at all with rain mid ceremony.  This precious couple got to use both the Shady Grove Site and The Hay Barn. Everyone will remember their wedding rain.. meaning they had a truly unforgettable wedding!!

















Tip 4: Accept it and move on, don’t struggle over the forecast. It sounds harsh, but if you embrace the facts and don’t let it upset you, it will not ruin your wedding day! You will be just as married by the end of the day to your special someone. THAT is what this day is ALL about!

You are getting married!! Please leave a comment and tell us about your rainy day tips or stories!


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