Interested in becoming a vendor for the Plantation Pickin Holiday Edition? Fill out the Vendor Profile below for your application to be juried. You will be contacted within 10 business days regarding your application status.
If you have been accepted you will have 7 business days to pay your deposit or your space will be released. We are looking forward to helping grow your business at the Plantation Pickin Holiday Edition November 30 and December 1, 2018! We hope to bring an exciting new show to the area throughout the year with different themes.

Booth limited two vendors per space and both vendors need to submit separate applications. Both vendors must be accepted to the show.

All business will claim profit and pay taxes submitted at the end of the show.

Inside temperature controlled barn- 12 x 12 Booth Space – $225

Hay Barn 12 x 12 Booth Space $175

Barn Lean-To Porch- 8 x 12 Booth Space $130

Bring your own Tent 10 x 10 Lawn Space $100


Descriptions of Vendor Categories:

Vintage Home and Goods- Items are up-cycled, retro, re-purposed, vintage or Antique . New, wholesale, hand created with vintage inspiration must make up less than 10% of your booth.

Clothing and Accessories- All items must be clothing and/or accessories that are in trend.

Jewelry- All items presented are hand-crafted, up-cycled, re-purposed, vintage, retro or antique.

Hand-crafted Goods- including but not limited to: Bath and Body, teas, laundry detergent, candles, etc.

Art- All items must be originals. This includes signage, paintings, etc. with a farmhouse, vintage, antique, retro kind of look.

Garden- Seasonal plantings, containers, furniture, decorative items and or architectural salvage pieces.

Market, new or wholesale items- All items must be vintage, farmhouse, retro or antique inspired and on trend.

Holiday Crafts- Handmade, crafted or wholesale items that are holiday related and high quality.

Fill out the Vendor Profile below. By providing us your instagram and facebook information we can see your goods to complete your application.

If you have any issues please email ,

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